About Us

Welcome to PUNC, the Primarily Undergraduate Nanomaterials Cooperative (PUNC), an organization established to bring together faculty who work with undergraduates to research nanomaterials. The goal of PUNC is straightforward: to help faculty at these institutions continue to do cutting edge research at the highest levels by building a network of collaborative researchers.

What We're Doing

PUNC brings together faculty in order to share our individual expertise and develop collaborations that can benefit everyone involved. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of nanomaterials research, a project may require expertise in chemistry, physics, materials science, and computational modeling. Unfortunately, pulling together this much expertise at an undergraduate institution is often not possible, and identifying faculty doing research in common areas at small colleges and universities is extremely challenging. PUNC will help break down these barriers by allowing faculty to quickly identify potential collaborators who share common goals and complementary skills.

Our Potential

By creating a cooperative network of research faculty and pooling our knowledge and resources, such as specialized skills and instrumentation, we can create a national research group capable of tackling any scientific challenge.

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