Steven Hughes

[email protected]
Chemistry, Semiconductor nanocrystal synthesis, CuInS2, AgGaS2

TEM, XRD, SEM (EDS), fluorescence (with integrating sphere), ICP

Background & Research Interest
The focus of my continuing research is the synthesis and characterization of I-III-VI semiconductor nanocrystals. I am currently working with CuInS2 and AgGaS¬2 materials including various alloys and shelled compositions. My lab studies these materials to best understand their potential as LED phosphors and photocatalysts. Additionally, I’ve been working in collaboration with a developmental biologist to study the toxicity of these materials in zebrafish embryos. Collaboration Interests: 1.Better understanding the photophysics of our nanomaterials. Like CIS, AGS can have extremely intense trap state emission. Unlike CIS, this emission can be suppressed in order to observe the band gap emission. It’s neat, and I’d love to work with someone to understand this better. 2.Silver gallium sulfide has demonstrated the potential to be an effective photocatalyst for the reduction of hydrogen gas. I’m interested in working with someone who knows how to characterize materials for this application better than me.