Colloids, surface chemistry, sol-gel, spectroscopy

-Field-emission scanning electron microscope with BSD and EDS (w/mapping) -Scanning probe microscope (capable of AFM, KPFM, etc.) -Hyperspectral epi-luminescence microscope -Raman spectrometer (and microscope) -ATR-FTIR -Handheld XRF For more see–

Background & Research Interest
My research centers on developing novel nanomaterials and analytical methods that help us better understand their fundamental chemistry. Regarding analysis, the group specializes in spectroscopic and scanning probe imaging techniques and analysis of imaging data sets for studying spatially resolved chemical speciation across surfaces. Regarding materials, the group is interested in sol-gel-derived nanomaterials and thin films used for chemical sensing, separations, 3D printing, and antifouling applications.